Tuesday 24 August 2010


Got home less than half an hour ago. Can hardly keep my eyes open. Might do like some of the party and confuse the bathroom and the bedroom...

Monday 23 August 2010

Science in action

Worked our way back to the A74(M) from Ayr, and a question about the width of the B7076 led to Haydn getting his tape measure out on the road surface to measure lane widths. We are pretty sure we have sized it up completely now!
Breakfast has been and gone, and we are all much happier for a good night's sleep and a big breakfast.

Only problem now is that it's raining heavily outside, and in fact across much of Scotland and northern England, which might make for a glum journey back...

Sunday 22 August 2010


Our last full day draws to a close. Desserts just arriving here at the Village Inn, Arrochar. It's a little bit twee - lots of Tartan in the rooms - but comfortable, feeds us well and is perfectly placed for the trip back tomorrow.

On the Blackburn Chart, it looks rather a bit like Bryn mentions Blackburn on an hourly basis, if our survey today is representative.

Taffic jams !

Been caught in traffic tonight, been traffic carnage around Loch Lomond today, fatals, serious, cars over heating, people panicking - we held our cool and got to the hotel a few minutes late ;-)

Enough is enough

After nearly a three mile walk in Glencoe, we attack the Devils Staircase with vigour... Halfway up, Bryn started looking rather ill, I was starting to feel the strain, so along with Paul, we came down. Chris, Rob, James and Kenny pushed ahead and got to the top. Looking forward to seeing the full set of pictures.

Devil's Staircase next

Just did a section of Telford's road in Glen Coe, down to the Study and back. Now for the main event!