Saturday, 24 July 2010

Further Development

As the weeks rolled on, a few members started to show interest, a few wanted to know the costs, the idea evolved into a long weekend traveling up from England on the Thursday, picking up the Highland Roads on Saturday and Sunday, working our way home on the Monday.

The plan then ? Two cars, one from Sheffield, the second from Blackburn, meeting up near Carlise, to dip across towards Ayr, then head north via Glasgow, look at the M74 extension and M80 upgrade, then onwards into the hills, staying in Grandtully on Thursday night, Plockton on Friday, near Mallaig on Saturday, then Arrochar on Sunday.

Thursday, Friday and Monday will probably be mostly driving, but Rob has kindly arranged some short walks for us all on the Saturday and Sunday. Fingers crossed for some great weather.

Further details of the trip can be found here

Origin of an idea

Late one night in early May, a few rumblings of discussion began over the idea of a summer awayday for the members of a forum that have an active interest in roads, if you really need to know. The talk turned to exploring the London Ringways, how about a trip down into Devon and Cornwall, then an idea popped up....

Rob said, "Or if anyone wants to come further north with a pair of walking boots, I could possibly rustle up some ideas along the lines of Wades Military Roads and Telfords Highland Roads, and a look at the new bit of the A830 too?"

Bingo, we had a concept.